I'm Jack Bennet. I breed and sell rare chickens as well as good egg layers and can hatch to your specified breed if wanted. I also make handmade hutches and create chicken themed gifts.

I do this in between my school work. I'm currently doing my A levels, studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Economics.

I have recently rented some chickens to Heston Blumenthal for his new TV series 'How to cook like Heston'. It was for two episodes about Eggs and Chickens, it was aired in January 2012 on channel 4 in the UK.

In November 2010 I was awarded BBC Radio 1's "Teen Entrepreneur Award" for my chicken business. This award was judged by a panel of experts and celebrities and recognised the "young person who has created a successful, innovative or profitable product, business model or company." As a result of this award my business and website were mentioned on BBC3 and radio 1, as well as in national and local papers.

A a clip of the award ceremony (including a short talk about my business from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall)